Understanding Network Marketing Advertising

Understanding Network Marketing AdvertisingIf you are serious about generating tons of leads to grow your Network Marketing business, you will soon learn that you must advertise your product and opportunity. Just like any business online and off, Network Marketing advertising is one of the keys to success.

Of course, advertising your Network Marketing business will cost you money. But how else could you market your product without it?

This is why understanding Network Marketing advertising is so important.

Understanding Network Marketing Advertising

Unfortunately, many Network Marketers fail to budget for advertising. Consequently, they lose out on the opportunity to earn money. Advertising is an investment. But only if you advertise in the right places. These places should be chosen wisely. They should be monitored regularly to see if they work. Ineffective advertising can put you into bankruptcy. Don’t let this happen to you!

Getting Started With Network Marketing Advertising

First, you will want to calculate your budget. Assess how much are you able to afford on a monthly basis. If your targeted advertising brings success and increased profits, the budget can always be increased later on.

Most new Network Marketers only have a small budget. That’s ok. There are many effective ways to advertise on the Internet for free. You should experiment with those avenues that appeal to you. After a set amount of time, drop the ones that aren’t working.

Second, pay special attention to where you advertise. Advertising in the wrong place can hurt your image. Therefore, you lose money.

These are the results you should try to get when advertising your Network Marketing business:

  1. Generate 20-50 leads per day
  2. Develop the know, like, and trust factor with those leads
  3. Promote your product to those leads
  4. Close sales

Understanding Traditional Network Marketing Advertising

Understanding Network Marketing Advertising

By far the best and most cost-effective kind of advertising is a personal recommendation. The best way to get a personal recommendation is to ask for one. Ask your family, your friends, your minister, your former teachers, etc.

Referrals are wonderful free techniques to get business as well. You should never rely on the same people to give you referrals without any social interaction. Build a relationship with that person first. This applies online or off-line.

Take a tip from your local Realtor. Do direct mail outs. Sending colorful post cards can be useful for Network Marketers. The downside with direct mail outs is they can be extremely pricey. Still, if you can get people to return a card or leave an e-mail address, you can build a list. Use that list for future email marketing campaigns. Nobody is going to reach into their pocket and hand you a wad of cash without expecting at least something in exchange. If you give people a reason to sign up, like offering a free training webinar, you will be amazed at how many people will give you their e-mails. You can reward them with special promotions in future campaigns.

Understanding Network Marketing Advertising On Social Media Sites

Network Marketing advertising can often be confusing online. It may even be intimidating. There are millions of Internet sites, blogs, and advertisements all competing against you. Unless your product is totally new and unique, you will need to learn where to strategically place your advertisements for maximum effectiveness.

The important thing is to ignore the overwhelm. Become focused on your intent and agenda. Creating an online buzz about your service or product can pay enormous dividends.


Social networking sites are effective for getting lots of eyes on your product. YouTube is especially good. When you create a free video, it can go viral overnight. You can also pay to advertise on YouTube with Pay Per Click.


Understanding Network Marketing Advertising

Facebook is another great platform to advertise your Network Marketing business product and opportunity. On Facebook, you can create a free business page. You can also join targeted groups to promote your product and opportunity.

When you join groups on Facebook that are in your specified niche, you can sell your products to people who are looking for what you have to offer.

You can also pay for advertising on Facebook through Facebook Pay Per Click. With FB PPC, you can target specific types of people. You can target within a particular demographic. These targeted people will click on your ad. If you have a good website for your product or opportunity, then you will capture the emails of the people who are interested in what you have to offer.


Twitter has certain laws unto itself. You cannot just jump on there and start shouting about your product. If you do this, no one will take any notice of you. Posting on Twitter every five minutes will also get you ignored. You’ll be branded as a bother. Better you build a following first. In the real world, you would not go to your best friend’s wedding and start shouting about your product during the reception.

The idea is to build relationships on any social media platform.

Understanding Network Marketing Advertising Through Article Marketing

Network Marketing advertising through article marketing is all about providing value first. By writing relevant content that targets specific keywords addressing the very topics that other Network Marketers are searching for, we attract potential prospects to our products and services. Once your article is written, you can submit that relevant content to numerous authority sites. Potential prospects can then opt into your lead capture pages. You can then develop the know, like, and trust factor with these prospects. By posting on purpose for profit you can effectively advertise your Network Marketing business.

Understanding The Psychology Of Network Marketing Advertising

It is easy to run an efficient Network Marketing advertising campaign, if you really get to know how it all works. I think the funnest part about advertising for your Network Marketing business is the amount of psychology behind selling effectively. If you do not understand the principles of Network Marketing advertising, now is a good time to learn.

One of the most comprehensive marketing systems is Empower Network.

It gives detailed comprehension of how Network Marketing advertising works. It also teaches invaluable information on how to generate qualified leads. Qualified leads are extermely valuable. They are as good as money.

Empower Network is written both for beginners and experienced Network Marketers. It is for anyone struggling to get their Network Marketing enterprise off the ground. Watch the VIP Exclusive Webinar to discover more about Empower Network. You’ll get a good understanding of Network Marketing advertising.

Understanding Network Marketing Advertising

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  • Terry Petrovick

    Great post Juli and very insightful…most people would do themselves a huge favor if they would read and apply what you are sharing here. But, only test one method at a time, it is all about testing and tracking.

    Thanks for sharing this with the community, you rock!


    • Juli

      I agree, Terry. The key to knowing whether your advertising is working is to test and track it. Case in point. I remember running a FB PPC campaign for a couple of days. Instead of checking it every single day I just let it run its course. Big mistake! What started out as a high click through rate ended up getting me less than poor results. That lesson cost me a lot of money. I don’t ever want to pay $7.43 for a lead from FB PPC ever again!

      So I have learned that in order to do FB PPC effectively, you have to watch it closely (almost hourly) when first starting out. I know Michelle Pescosolido would cringe if she heard the mistakes I’ve made on her beloved/most favorite advertising platform.

      Do you do paid advertising of any kind? If so, what is your favorite method? And what has been your result? Good? Bad?


  • David Sharp

    I enjoyed your article Juli and over the last couple of weeks or so, I have come to realize that we must have more than one method of generating leads and I have been looking at solo advertising. In fact I am drawing up an advertising budget for September at the moment.


    • Juli


      I have signed up to do some solo advertising myself recently but find myself a little hesitant to get it rolling. Have you listened to Rachel McGreggor’s training about it in the back office of MLSP? I know she does really well with it. So does Daegan Smith (of course), and there are others who have created much of their success inside Empower Network doing solo ads.

      I would love to keep in touch as we each gain experience with this marketing method.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting,


      • David Sharp

        I’d forgotten about Rachel’s training I will definitely check it out, thanks Juli. It would be good to stay in touch every now and then and maybe help each other along.


  • Bhushan

    Hi Juli,

    Again you proved yourself with a very good article.
    Y I totally agree with you.MLM lead system is too good marketing system which express lots of details about how network marketing advertising works…
    Advertising through YOUtube is very very good option for marketing.
    Thanks you for all information tend to be known which are new for me.

    • Juli


      It is my understanding that YouTube is the best place to get leads for a Network Marketing business. I know some fellow Internet Marketers who specialize in doing MLM company reviews on YouTube that attract hundreds of leads per day into My Lead System Pro.

      Have you ever done videos on YouTube? If you have, I would like to know your experience with it.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting,