Tips For MLM Prospecting & Recruiting Locally

Tips For MLM Prospecting & Recruiting Locally

Looking for tips on MLM prospecting and recruiting locally? Recently, a good friend and fellow Network Marketer shared with me his notes from an exclusive webinar. This webinar was presented by two Master Network Marketers, Ray Higdon and Todd Falcone, on this very subject: MLM prospecting and recruiting locally. When I read them, I got really excited. I got really excited because I knew they had real value that would benefit you. And I wanted to share them.

You see, many Network Marketers run out of people to talk to in their warm market. When that happens, they often quit.

Don’t let this happen to you!

In this post you will receive valuable tips for MLM prospecting and recruiting locally.

Tips For MLM Prospecting & Recruiting Locally

The Right Mindset

If you’re going to go out into the marketplace with the intention to make a difference in the lives of people and make a significant income, you have to have the right belief systems in place. You see, we’re programmed from infancy to have expectations about making money… And when we hear the staggering figures that people are earning it takes you back to a position of disbelief. The thing is, when you have conviction in what you’re doing – NO ONE CAN TOUCH YOU. Why? Because you’ll be so firmly planted that you won’t be able to be moved.

The Right Skill-Set

Skills are learnable. All Networkers, even the most successful ones, sucked at the beginning. Talk to your upline leaders and ask them for help, but more importantly LISTEN to them and take action on their advice. If they are achieving success, model their actions.

The Right Actions

The actions that matter most in this business are EXPOSURES. This is the act of introducing people to what it is that you do. If you’re not doing this on a consistent basis, you’re not playing the game. Knowing that you must prospect and expose your business to make money in this profession, you can either choose to “Recruit Up” or “Recruit Down.” Todd made an awesome comparison on this…

Check it out:

Tips For MLM Prospecting & Recruiting Locally

This example can be translated in many different way, from profession to profession, but you get the point.

Naturally, we want to approach the people that we THINK need our opportunity the most – the path of least resistance – the people who have no money and need to improve their lives. This actually turns out to be the path of GREATEST RESISTANCE.

The best way to recruit is to seek people that are already successful and have a high degree of influence. The example above showing the difference between the realtor and burger flipper should illustrate our reasoning.

Tips For MLM Prospecting & Recruiting Locally

Todd then went on to give 3 KILLER ways to get FREE LEADS, prospect and recruit in your local area… THESE ARE AWESOME.

  1. Whenever you’re driving around and pass a “FOR SALE” sign in your neighborhood, write down the name and number of the realtor
  2. When you’re at the post office or at the local coffee shop, look for the cork board with business cards and pick up a few
  3. When you’re at the grocery store and you see the ad on the shopping cart with the insurance guy looking up at you – write down his name and number

These are opportunities that are often ignored!

MLM Prospecting & Recruiting Locally

So… Now that you have these FREE LEADS, what do you do?

Call them.

What do you say?

Well, Todd gave a script..

Check it out:

Realtor Example:

Hey, (Their Name). (Your Name) here from (Your Neighborhood/Town). I was just driving by your listing here in (Listing Neighborhood). Listen… Let me tell you why I’m calling. I love working with super sharp people. I’m an entrepreneur, and I know that you’re actively involved here in the __________ area, working the real estate market. I’ve seen lots of your signs. I had to give you a call. Let me as you a simple question. (Their Name), do you at all keep your options open in terms of making any money outside of what you’re currently doing as a realtor?

Grocery Cart Example:

Hey _________. Juli here. I’m looking at your smiling face inbetween my tomatoes and carrots. I’m at the grocery right now. Obviously if you’re running this ad, you’re looking to grow your _________ business. Let me ask you a question. I love working with really sharp people. I’m an entrepreneur and my business is growing.. I just want to ask you a simple question.. Do you at all keep your options open in terms of making any money outside of what you’re currently doing in the field of ___________?

If they say yes… Schedule a meeting at their office and use whatever company tools you have so that the process is duplicate-able.

If they say no… Thank them for their time and move on to the next lead.

If they say “It depends.” Say something like, “Well, let me rephrase the question… If I could show you something that will enable you to diversify your income, (insert one of the benefits of your company or product), and at the same time, send you a check every month, is that something you might be inclined to take a look at?

The bottom line is that we’re looking for talent and quality. Once you realize that “Recruiting Up” is the way to go – and you realize that LEADS and OPPORTUNITIES are EVERYWHERE, then you’ll be able to take your business to the next level.

Now, get out there and start recruiting!

MLM Prospecting & Recruiting Locally

You deserve to be successful in your Network Marketing business!

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Tips For MLM Prospecting & Recruiting Locally

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      You’re welcome, Chuck! As a former Realtor AND burger-flipper (years and years ago!), I can say from real life experience that the two professions are galaxies apart in mindset.