Your Wish Is Your Command: ‘The Secret’ on Steroids?

Your Wish Is Your Command: 'The Secret' on Steroids?Your wish is your command? Really? Many people today are looking for a way to not only become financially wealthy but to become spiritually wealthy as well.

In 2006 the world was blown away by Rhonda Byrne’s book, The Secret. It appeared in all the bookstores. It was widely discussed by leading trainers, thought leaders, and celebrities.

The special series of such popular shows as “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, “The Today Show”, “Larry King Live”, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” were all dedicated to The Secret. It was given attention in publications of “The New York Times” and “Time Magazine”. The film about The Secret was promoted, 21 million copies of the book were sold, and everyone was trying to comprehend “The Law of Attraction”.

But today it is 2012 and almost nobody still believes in The Secret with its “secret ingredients”.

Many people who tried to apply its recommendations failed.

And the reason The Secret doesn’t work for so many is the absence of the most important ingredient that makes difference. This ingredient is given in Your Wish is Your Command, according to the author Kevin Trudeau.

Now, is it feasible that 14 CDs could change somebody’s life and reveal the hidden systems to making fabulous sums of money in a short amount of time?

Your Wish Is Your Command: ‘The Secret’ on Steroids?

Is Kevin Trudeau’s Your Wish is Your Command program truly the key to gaining limitless wealth that any person would die to have?

Here are some of the arguments of the said program. Hopefully, this will help you decide later whether buying the product is a sound investment or not.

The Benefits of Your Wish Is Your Command

Some of the people believe in the power of the Law of Attraction, which just states that anybody has the power to draw in what’s going to happen to him.

Nice things, bad things, success, failure, love, health, and wealth, all of these things can be attracted and manifested according to some teachings.

According to Kevin Trudeau, almost all of the books and teachings that are published are just showing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mastering the Law of Attraction.

According to Mr Trudeau, Your Wish is Your Command gives new insights on how to maximize the powers of the “Law of Attraction”. Originally, a lecture on this subject given by Kevin Trudeau cost of $10,000 per attendee.

Currently, you can purchase the original recorded lecture for less than $75 on Amazon.

The author claims the ideas presented in the audio books are methods he acquired due the fact that he’s a member of some secret societies that are concerned with using the Law of Attraction to gain massive wealth.

Your Wish Is Your Command: 'The Secret' on Steroids?The key advantage of buying this program is being able to access strong techniques in reaching wealth.

The Problems With Your Wish Is Your Command

Although Your Wish Is Your Command has been on the market for numerous years, nobody has ever stepped forward to say that it has changed their lives or that they went and did indeed make $10,000 in one day.

There is no technique included in the course that truly shows you the easiest way to make $100,000 in 90 days either.

Understand that the people who often buy this kind of course are largely searching for tools to help attain their private dreams of success. It isn’t like purchasing something tangible like a shovel that will help you dig a hole.

While understanding the “Law of Attraction” may help give you the right perspective to becoming rich, if all you do is watch inspirational CDs all day sadly nothing is going to happen.

So all in all, it is difficult to determine if Your Wish is Your Command is actually worth the investment or not.

A person may need to buy the product in order to find out what the methods are.

These methods might be the key to tap one’s potential in attaining wealth and success.

But these methods will only work on a case-to-case basis.

Obtaining access to an idea isn’t enough, taking action and making that idea work by taking positive steps and working diligently is still the final secret to being wealthy and successful.

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Your Wish Is Your Command: 'The Secret' on Steroids?