Bitcoin vs Gold


Bitcoin vs Gold I have been keeping a rather curious eye on the new digital currency called Bitcoin. This is mostly due in part to my keen interest in the declining value of the dollar.

A Little Personal History

Following the real estate market crash of 2008, I became interested in bubbles and currency trends. It was then I became an avid follower of Robert Kiyosaki, Mike Maloney, and Mike Dillard. At their recommendation, in 2010 I started buying silver bullion to hedge against the dollar.

When I first got started, I was so obsessed with buying as many American Silver Eagles as I could, I would slip into the bathroom on my break at work to watch the price of bullion rise and fall hoping I could get a coin at the bottom of the dip on my payday.

Then Mike Dillard suggested it was better to purchase coins on a regular basis, like once a month, rather than try to time the markets.

So when Ray Higdon introduced me to the new MLM, Numis Network, it just made sense to jump on board.

I ‘promoted’ Numis Network on my blog and enjoyed receiving my monthly numismatic coin each month.

Bitcoin vs Gold

But, like every other MLM I promoted, I have never had the time to mentor a team.

They say that time is more valuable than money, and I believe that to be true.

So I struggled for the longest time about whether or not I should spend more time at work (where we were growing as a company and overtime was plentiful) and more time building a team (with the promise of residual income).

Were it not for the fact that I experienced the harsh reality that my wages did not afford me the financial resources to live and seriously market a business at the same time, I felt I had no other choice but to take high risks in the ‘make money online’ space – so hungry I was for the dream of ‘time freedom’.

As a result, I got involved in companies like Banners Broker and HourlyRevShare, where we were promised to make money without the need to build a team. I was so excited about the possibilities after seeing proof of other people’s results, I had the audacity to tell my Supervisor at work that I planned to quit in 6 months.  (Sadly, these companies grew too quickly and were unable to pay out as promised, so I ended up having to do a $5125 chargeback on my credit card with Banners Broker and forever lost $305 to HourlyRevShare.)

By this time, Empower Network had sucked me in.

(If you don’t know what Empower Network is, then you have either been living under a rock or are brand new to the MLM/network marketing space. Briefly, Empower Network is a viral blogging platform that includes educational products selling for as much as $3500 that teach you how to market any business online.)

Blogging is my passion.

I first realized I could make money from blogging in 2009. Google adwords, sales letters, video marketing all use a blogging platform as their foundation. And I have become a student of the blogging industry.

It amazes me how many millionaires have been created blogging.

And still…I am not one of them.

That doesn’t deter me, however, from being a student of the industry.

Or a student of life and the make money online space in general.

That’s why Bitcoin is such an interesting product.

It’s digital.

And it’s value has been increasing the last 4 years, since it’s inception.

How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood

What’s even more interesting is that there is now a Bitcoin MLM. (You can learn more about it here.) AND the compensation plan mimics the groundbreaking Empower Network’s 100% “instant” commissions.

I cannot tell you how appealing this is to me!


After all I have tried and failed at in the past, I am not ready to hastily jump on board this band wagon.

So to get a more balanced view of what currency experts are saying, I watched the following video…

Bitcoin vs Gold: The Future of Money – Peter Schiff Debates Stefan Molyneux

I think I will stand on the side lines for this one and go back to buying silver coins for now.

Bitcoin vs Gold


Bitcoin vs Gold


Confessions of a Workaholic

Confessions of a WorkaholicI just read a thought provoking article by Inc.com titled “Are You a Hard Worker or a Workaholic?” by . According to Ms Cutrone, it is infinitely better to be a hard worker (put in your assigned 8 hrs and go home) because workaholism is akin to addiction, like alcoholism.

Personally, I am not surprised by this comparison. I have heard it all before…

Workaholics tend to ignore their other responsibilities, like family, friends, and most importantly their health. Yada yada.

Don’t get me wrong, I admire those who live a ‘balanced’ life.

In truth, I have tried this before.

Yet, the holy grail of balance seems to elude me.

Admittedly, I have never been able to ignore the fact that I am a driven person. (My own mother has labeled me as such – even before starting  this job I now have, where I hungrily volunteer for as many overtime hours I can possibly sign up for.)

Why do I do this?


Confessions of a Workaholic

I have an addictive personality.

It’s in my blood.

It runs in my family.

It’s not an excuse.

It’s just fact.

And I have learned to embrace this imbalance as a GIFT.

Books like “Something More – Excavating Your Authentic Self” by Sarah Ban Breathnach have bolstered my confidence, when it comes to refuting any criticism concerning my addictive personality.

You see, there was a time when I didn’t have a traditional job the way I do now. Instead, I was broke and homeless. Renting a room from a former friend, filing bankruptcy, and losing my car to the bank after a failed career in real estate was just another day in my life after a failed marriage that set me on a downward spiral that lasted 10 long years. So to be given the opportunity to work long hours allows me to make up for lost time. I embrace this opportunity as a GIFT – a gift I will never take for granted.

Confessions of a Workaholic

Workaholism isn’t just a term used for employees either.

According to another Inc.com article titled “The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship” by Jessica Bruder, most successful entrepreneurs are workaholics too.

Quoting Michael A Freeman, a psychologist and former entrepreneur, the consequences are that “new entrepreneurs often…neglect their health. They eat too much or too little. They don’t get enough sleep. They fail to exercise…. You can get into a start-up mode, where you push yourself and abuse your body.”

I have written about my own deteriorating health here, where I reveal how the long hours, long commute, and virtually sleepless nights (trying to grow my own successful online business) have left my body bloated and weak. So I won’t do it again here.

The difference between now and then is that I am no longer promoting the company I learned so much from when it comes to marketing online.

Instead I am looking for something else – something that will give me greater balance, greater health… something that will allow me to still work the day job I have grown to love (and be over the top grateful for) AND still satisfy my entrepreneurial hunger.

I think promoting Shaklee supplements might do this for me.

Confessions of a Workaholic

So I leave you with this…

An old Shaklee video that sums up what the founder, Forest C Shaklee, had in mind, when he started his company.