New Facebook Timeline

New Facebook Timeline

It seems like every other week Facebook is making changes to its almost 700 million user website.

When you logged in to your feed recently, you probably noticed some new changes yet again.

Whether you personally like these frequent changes or not, one thing is evident and that is that Facebook gets it right more often than they do it, um, not right.

So you probably are not going to be surprised when I tell you that Facebook is about to do it again!

According to, Mark Zuckerberg announced the Facebook Timeline at the Facebook F8 Conference on September 22nd.

Following is an overview of what the Timeline is about.

Facebook sums it up by describing it as:

* All your stories

* All your apps

* Express who you are

Timeline acts more like a web page about ‘you’ (think YOU, INC.) rather than a profile page.

You are able to add a cover photo at the top of your Timeline page, add apps, stories, photos, and more.

You can learn more about Timeline from

New Facebook Timeline

Here is a short teaser video to give you an idea of what it’s going to be like.

If you have the time though, viewing the full length conference is well worth your time.

You can see the full length F8 2011 Keynote here.

Here is a review I did of the Timeline on someone else’s blog:

It is my opinion that Facebook Timeline is going to be HUGE! Friend listening to a song? You can listen too – at the same time. Friend watching a movie? You can watch too – at the same time! You can create reports, ‘listen’, ‘review’, and ‘cook’ instead of just ‘like’ or ‘recommend’ a story, and so much more! Will this be good for Network Marketers? I think so. These new changes will allow us to build deeper, more multi-faceted relationships with our ‘friends’. It will allow us to have a second blog, in effect. If you are anything like me, who has a lot of people as ‘friends’ I don’t even know (like professional Realtors), it will let me get to know them better and vice versa, which will help them know, like, and trust me more. After all, aren’t we, as Network Marketers, in the relationship building business?

New Facebook Timeline

If you are eager to get started with your Facebook Timeline before it’s officially released, Mashable will show you how in 8 simple steps. Here’s the link.

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