MLM Lead Prosperity Leads To Prosperity

Lead Prosperity Leads To ProsperityDid you know that MLM lead prosperity leads to prosperity?

The key to every Network Marketer’s success lies in the ability to generate leads. It is the first step on the journey toward true wealth.

Without leads, there would be no prospecting. Without leads, there would be no sponsoring into your primary company. Without leads, whether it be from your warm or cold market, there would be no list.

Ever heard the phrase: the money is in your list?

It’s true.

MLM Lead Prosperity Leads To Prosperity

Whether you make a list of 2000 people in your warm market or create a list of 100,000 people online or buy 500 leads from a reputable lead generation company, that is where your money is. MLM lead prosperity leads to prosperity.

But let me warn you. Not every lead is the same. Not every list is the same.

In order for you to get the most from your list, you need to first develop the know, like, and trust factor. You need to nurture your list by giving them valuable content every day. You need to constantly stay in front of them, establishing yourself as the source and leader in your industry. You need to find out what your leads’ problems are and then solve those problems. If you don’t do this, then when you want to promote an event, a helpful information product, or a private coaching session, your list will be less responsive.

A list of 50,000 leads that you have not nurtured will be less responsive than a list of 100,000 that you have, and vice versa. Example: I recently heard the story of a guru who had a list of 100,000 leads that were introduced to the same product and opportunity that a newbie marketer presented to her list of 250. Of the list of 100,000, three bought in. Of the list of 250, twenty bought in.

Which list would you rather have?

Remember, it’s not in the number of leads in your list, it’s the relationship you build with that list that counts.

If you are going to make it with any Network Marketing company, you need to expose the products and opportunity to a lot of people. If you are going to have any chance of success, you need to have the right MLM marketing strategy that will help you expose your business to a lot of people. And that is the problem that a lot of Network Marketers have. They run out of people to talk to about the business. Then they quit.

For you to have an endless supply of mlm leads or prospects, you need to harness the power of the Internet to tap into the thousands of people who are looking for what you have. You will not get very far in this business if you only work locally or restrict yourself to your immediate circle of influence. That is why you need to learn MLM marketing strategies that will enable you to market effectively on the Internet!

By using the Internet you can generate 20+ targeted mlm leads everyday for your business without pestering family and friends.

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  • Terry Petrovick

    Graet message Juli, I love being the hunted instead of the hunter.  Developing your lead generation skills is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself.
    Keep rockin'


    • Juli

      Yes, Terry, it does all start with attraction marketing, doesn’t it? =) Juli

  • Otoabasi Umonting

    Hi Juli,
    you've done a good job here by providing this information. It's thing to have leads, it's another to convert them to buying customers or team members. The conversion aspect is where the nurturing comes in. Without consistently giving your list the valuable information they need, they will no respond to you.
    I know having a great number of leads is good, but to get people to take action, one has to first of all become a quality person, in order to attract quality leads. Thanks for sharing, keep it up.
    Best regards,
    Otoabasi U.

    • Juli

      Mr Umonting, I agree. One does have to become a quality person in order to convert leads into buying customers and vibrant team members. That’s the wonderful thing about network marketing – it boils down to personal development. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Juli

  • Joe Sandy

    Juli, you are so right on with this post.  I think more and more people are searching for answers in a sea of new online marketers and they simply usually get nothing more than bombardments of auto responder emails. It's the personal touch that can make all the differernce in the world because people are getting more internet savy and many of them are sick of getting treated like cattle.  Thanks for sharing!

    • Juli

      Joe, I think the relationship factor is what differentiates those of us who are in it long term vs those who won’t last so long. Relationship building takes time, effort, transparency, and authenticity, so it takes someone with a little depth to pull it off. For those who do, however, the rewards go beyond merely financial. Thanks for commenting! Juli

  • Rob Simson

    Sage Advice, Juli! Give your list value, get a valuable list. =)

    • Juli

      Thanks, Rob! I agree!