Market America Review: Can You Still Make Money?

Market America Review: Can You Still Make Money?

Have you been looking about for a Network Marketing opportunity and come across Market America? You almost certainly thought that the Market America opportunity looked interesting.

But when you began to do your due homework, you found a considerable number of “Market America Reviews” on the Internet. Many appeared to be negative, and you may have thought: is that something you should be worried about? Is Market America a fairly good opportunity for me?

Market America Review: Can You Still Make Money?

According to the Market America Inc website, the company was founded in 1992 by JR Ridinger and his wife Loren Ashley. The company makes a specialty of the retail sale of mostly consumable beauty and health products.

Marketing is essentially Internet based and through a Network Marketing distribution model. Over three billion dollars of products have been shipped from their up-to-the-minute Greensboro, NC, warehouse facilities, where they employ over five hundred people internationally with global operations in the US, Australia, Canada, HK, and Taiwan.

Why all Of the Negative Market America Reviews?

Market America Review: Can You Still Make Money?

The numerous Market America review sites you find on the Internet are written by failed Market America distributors. In some cases a negative heading is used simply as a method of getting people through to a website, where the negative attitude quickly disappears. The title to these supposed reviews are simply a method to get you onto the website page. The individual writing them is most likely a successful distributor for Market America Inc, who then goes on to tell you that the company’s opportunity will help you and your family financially, followed by a link so that you can get more information about joining this person’s team.

There are early 200,000 distributors worldwide promoting Market America’s products, and these are usually called “unfranchised” entrepreneurs. Since the corporation’s establishment, they have paid out over $2 billion to distributors, and over $1 billion has been paid in retail commissions. As with any Network Marketing opportunity, many distributors don’t make any money.

With any Network Marketing opportunity, if you don’t work, you do not get paid. Any Market America review you find about sad ex-distributors, you can be sure they didn’t work at building their businesses, so that you can pretty much disregard those.

As with a lot of Network Marketing opportunities, Market America requires a minimum monthly purchase before your business can accrue and be paid commissions. To receive full commissions the distributor has to buy 200 BV worth of goods. Business volume or BV is figured out at 80% for each one dollar you spend on wholesale goods.

You have the chance to earn a commission on every retail product sold and also commission for business volume sold either by you or your downline. The binary compensation plan is easy to understand: you recruit 2 people, and those two people recruit two. By balancing the “legs” of this plan, you start to earn commissions once volume requirements are reached.

Business Means Work

Market America Inc. is indeed a legitimate a successful company that offers evergreen products, with an easy compensation plan with worldwide distribution. The proviso is that although this company’s opportunity may look ideal for you and your family, there are certain things you need to understand.

Market America Review: Can You Still Make Money?

Any potential sponsor is going to tell you that their opportunity is the best. But the truth is that in order to build a successful and moneymaking Network Marketing business you have to present your products and opportunity to hundreds of people, every day, every week, and every year.

Neither the company nor you can stay in business, if product sits on the shelf. These products have to be marketed to prospective purchasers. No one is going to purchase the product or join your opportunity, if you don’t go out and market your business.

So what are your plans for advertising, marketing and promotion?

Once you have run out of friends, family, and co-workers to market and introduce the product to, what are you about to do after?

Do you know anything about marketing or sales?

Have you any idea how you would effectively market the company-replicated site?

Do you know anything about driving prequalified and future clients to an internet website?

These are every aspect of any Network Marketing business you must address, even before joining Market America even though it may look like the perfect opportunity for starting your Network Marketing business.

Market America uses a multi level marketing plan to pay their distributors and like any Network Marketing business, you would have to build a large downline to earn a reasonable residual income.

Most Market America uplines would tell a new rep to speak to their warm market about the business opportunity and products. This approach would work very well if you know thousands of people, or if you have some big influential contacts in your warm market. However, for many reps, this is often not the case, and they quickly run out of their warm market, and then they get stuck.

Market America Review: Can You Still Make Money?

Market America Review: Can You Still Make Money?My honest opinion is that if you truly want to build a large downline fast, you will have to learn a new set of skills of how to market your Market America business effectively on the Internet and generate free leads online without pestering your family and friends.

Marketing is the backbone of any business. No matter how fantastic your product is, if you do not have an effective marketing strategy, you business will not grow.

This is also true with your Market America business. Many reps in the business are tired and frustrated because they do not have people to market their products and opportunity to. However, the Internet provides a way out because there are thousands of people looking for a business opportunity on the Internet, and the only way you can reach them is by learning how to market online.

Marketing your Market America business on the Internet is easy, if you know what to do.

If you truly want to expand your Market America business and learn how to market on the Internet, click on the link below:

Market America Review: Can You Still Make Money?

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  • http://www.cezargarcia.com/feed CEZAR

    Hi Juli – You know, I’ve never been exposed to the Market America business opportunity. I just looked them up and it looks like they have just about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING under the sun – kinda reminds me of Amway.

    You’re right though – I can’t stand it when people “bad mouth” their own company just to get you to visit their sight -THEN they try to recruit you in the company that they just gave the illusion was a scam! Don’t they realize that their credibility drops into negative territory immediately?

    Anyhow, most international MLMs are great candidates to generate money – it’s more about finding an opportunity that’s perfect for you.

    Keep doing your thing!! You’re doing awesome!


    • http://julibecker.com Juli


      I live in a really small resort community. Outside our little community, there is a family who is making over $10,000 per month in Market America. I remember as a Realtor more than 5 years ago, someone coming into my office and prospecting me about the opportunity. Part of me thinks I should’ve joined them at that time, but like you said, we need to find the opportunity that is right for us. With so many great companies out there, there is no reason for anyone to bad-mouth any company.

      Network Marketing ROCKS and so do you!


  • Bhushan

    HI Juli,
    Awesome post… I found your post informative and thought provoking. I shall check it out over a relaxed weekend.

    • http://julibecker.com Juli

      You’re welcome! Enjoy your weekend!