Make Money Online With The Empower Network

Make Money Online With Empower Network

If you have been looking high and low for ways to make money online, believe me, you CAN make money online with Empower Network!

What Is Empower Network?

Empower Network is a viral blogging platform that pays YOU 100% commissions for every person who pays $25 to sign up to use the Empower Network blogging system. It’s a great way to make money online.

I know, I know, $25 doesn’t seem that much, but imagine getting just one sign up per day. That would mean $9,125 of recurring 100% commissions per year! Plus, there are several layers of upsells already integrated into the system that will help you make money online even more at the point your customers upgrade.

If that sounds pretty cool, it is!

Other Benefits Of The Empower Network

Here are the top 5 benefits to blogging on the Empower Network blog to help you make money online.

Benefit 1: The Empower Network Blog Sits On An 8 Year Old Domain

In terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google strongly considers the age of the domain that your content is published on. When deciding which sites to display for its customers when they search, Google ranks an aged domain as an authority site. This is important because your content will rank higher than if you were just starting out with your own blog.

Benefit 2: Amount Of Content Being Added Daily

There are multiple thousands of people blogging on the Empower Network blog. When you join, a blog is created for YOU under the domain of Empower Network! Because of the vast amount of bloggers and content being placed on the Empower Network site, Google will rank your content higher on the search engines quickly!

Make Money Online With Empower Network

With Internet Marketing, it’s important to get your content ranked and in front of people. Sure, you can start with your own blog. In fact, I highly recommend that you do this. With your own personally branded blog, you can develop your own brand and attract people to you and your Internet Network Marketing business through attraction marketing principles.

The Empower Network blog, on the other hand, is strictly for content generation. The Empower Network blog is a content site, much like an article site and can give you great backlinks to your personally branded blog. Imagine, if you went to your Click Bank or Amazon Associate account, got a few products to promote, ranked high on Google for those keywords, and made multiple sales from just one post!

Benefit 3: The Empower Network Blog Comes Completely Set Up

The Empower Network blog comes already set up for you. The moment you join Empower Network, your blog is created as a sub-domain under Empower Network. For example, when I signed up, I choose the username of “juli_becker”. So for example, my Empower Network blog is: http://www.empowernetwork.com/juli_becker.

You know, so many people quit their online opportunities because the technology is just too challenging for them to grasp – even something as simple as setting up a blog. Not everyone is wired to “get it”. And I have learned that what is simple to one, is almost impossible for another.

With Empower Network Blog, you just log in and start blogging.

Benefit 4: The Empower Network Blog Comes With Graphics, High Converting Sales Funnels, Upsells, And Retention

Make Money Online With Empower Network

Here’s the problem with starting your own blog from scratch, especially when you’re new to the “make money online” industry. In order to make money online quickly through blogging, you have to have your product, graphics, blog set up and optimization, a sales funnel, create good copywritten sales letters, upsells and a good retention program, just to name a few. New marketers and bloggers encounter technical and learning curves on the process to get there and, oftentimes, they just give up.

Your optimization, your graphics, your sales funnel, products, everything is done and set in place through the Empower Network. All you need to do is just start blogging and learn and grow from there. It’s a great place to earn while you learn!

Benefit 5: If You Use It, You Can Refer It And Receive 100% Commission

By using the Empower Network blog to make money online, you are entitled to refer it to others as an affiliate product and you will receive $25 per month per active blog member deposited directly into your bank account each month!

Make Money Online With The Empower Network

The cool part about the Empower Network is that the upsells are what allow you to make money online the most.

And it is proven that all you have to do is get two people to join you in the Empower Network every day, and you could earn as much as $200,000 per year!

Don’t believe me?

Click on the following link. Add your email on the next page to watch the free video that explains everything.

Do it now.

You deserve to finally start to make money online.

Make Money Online With The Empower Network

A Word To Those Who Already Have A Blog…

When I started to make money online with my Empower Network blog, I already had this site set up. I had already branded myself, was generating traffic, and getting leads and sign ups to my affiliate products and Network Marketing business.

So why did I join?

Because I knew that the Empower Network opportunity would launch my Internet Network Marketing business to the next level.

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  • http://travelwisconsin.us chanikacha

    In making some money online we must always remember that we must take a good step on targeting some high standard business. Making money online is not easy but with the right techniques and plan it may also help us earn more.

  • Bhushan

    Hi Juli,
    Something that bloggers need to realize is that before you start earning an income from your blog you have to first deliver. Site visitors always want to know what’s in for them before they can produce their credit cards.
    Thank you for the gesture,I appreciate your tutorial. It sounds quite interesting what you wrote

    • http://julibecker.com Juli

      That is so true, Bhushan. People are most attracted to and buy from those that over deliver on a product and/or promise. And the key to getting those sales is putting yourself in front of people who are looking for what you have to offer, then explaining very clearly what’s in it for them. Once a person is convinced that what you have to offer them is going to solve a problem that they have, they are more likely to buy from you.

      Great comment,


  • http://adriennesmith.net Adrienne

    Hey Juli,

    I know so many people are excited about this marketing system and I’ve been approached about it numerous times. I just didn’t feel it was for me because I’m not going to spend my time promoting David Wood. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s awesome and an industry leader which is why he came up with this platform to help so many newbies.

    I just always wish everyone huge success no matter what they are doing and I know this is a great way for people to start generating income and help with their belief level.

    So on that note, I wish you the very best and thanks for such an in-depth review of this system. I know it will be beneficial for so many people.

    Have an awesome day and a fabulous week.


    • http://julibecker.com Juli


      I hear ya on the hesitation about ‘promoting David Wood’. I felt that way too, until I took a really good look at the system.

      For those who are already established in the online world with their own blog, Empower Network is not necessarily going to fill a need for them, when it comes to using the blogging platform. Believe me, who wants the extra work of publishing different content to two separate blogs. That’s a lot of work. I know! Besides, even David Wood encourages seasoned bloggers to maintain their own blog to establish/maintain their own brand and exhibit attraction marketing principles.

      The key purpose of Empower Network is definitely to earn money by offering a blogging platform to those who are just starting out. And with David doing all the work of selling for you, it reduces the learning curve and allows newbies to start making money right away. Of course, as you know, not everyone has the knowledge or skills to earn money online, so through the upsells in Empower Network those skills are taught so that they can eventually ‘leave the nest of Empower and fly’. It’s amazing to see the people who are earning a tremendous amount of money through this system. Some say that it is the best place to promote their Network Marketing opportunity, and they do so blatantly without fear or embarrassment. For me, the community connections alone are worth the price of $25/mo.

      Thank you for the well wishes! I am very glad to be a part of Empower Network and still be your friend. =)

      Your comment is appreciated,