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Have you ever wanted to be a part of a movement whose soul purpose is to help people?

Meet David Wood & Dave Sharpe…

Dave and Dave both came from nothing. From living in a van to overcoming drug addiction, each of these men have become top leaders in the network marketing industry. When they partnered together to form Empower Network, magic happened. And they formed what is now the most revolutionary product in the industry – a blogging platform that pays out 100% commissions…


Great message to share with the community. Some of the best marketers in the world came from FAR worse than most people who “think” they’ve got a hard life.

~ FromBrokeToRich.com

Meet Juli Becker…

As a single woman who knows the struggles people face in today’s world, I am proud to be connected with Empower Network. Empower Network has changed my life. You see, I have been homeless before just like Dave & Dave. And I know what it means to not have enough money to pay my bills.

Now, as a student loan debt counselor I listen to people every day tell me their stories of heartache and pain… how their children won’t speak to them after their divorce (even though they are paying for their college tuition)… how they have taken on tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt but now are disabled… how they are filing for personal bankruptcy or facing prison time. Sometimes, I can’t help but cry with these people.

Currently, I work full time at my job. I commute two hours a day and volunteer for overtime every time it’s offered. This means I average 60-70 hours per week.

Then I come home and work late into the night on my online business…

The thing about Empower Network is that I don’t have to ‘work’ as hard as I would at any other MLM. With it’s 100% compensation plan I can make more money in less time.

My ultimate goal is not necessarily to leave my position at work. I’d rather stay, so I can help more people achieve a better life for themselves, like I already do. What I really want to do is to be able to help my children financially. You see, I don’t want to see them struggle like I have. I want them to be able to live a life of financial freedom, so they too can give back to the community.


Juli – I am so proud to be partnered with you. YOU are such an amazing, beautiful, generous, strong woman. Anyone who partners with you will be making a great decision for themselves and their business. I admire and respect you.

~ Brandi Roberts – Boise, ID

Julie what a great post and an awesome story. I Love the people of Empower Network. Can’t say that enough. I have so much admiration for every single person who has not only struggled, but been open about it and carried us along on their journey. It just goes to show the HEART of the company is truly the people who promote it. Thank you for sharing your heart today, what an inspiration.

~ Theresa Moss – New Britain, PA

Empower Network

Benefits of Joining Empower Network

  • Business In a BoxEmpower Network allows new business owners to promote their products and services on a fully functional blog without having to learn all the technical skills of set up and maintenance. All you have to do is create the content and promote it.
  • Sales Funnel SystemIf you don’t already have a product or service to promote, Empower Network can be that for you. With it’s 13 highly convertible capture pages, you can be up and running within minutes of joining.
  • 100% Commission Compensation PlanNever done before in the world of online marketing, Empower Network’s 100% commission structure has set the standard for online businesses.
  • Earn While You Learn - Because of the 100% commissions you earn with the Empower Network, you can learn how to generate leads and market effectively while earning commissions along the way. This will help keep you operating in the black, while other Marketers sink deeper into the red marketing blindly online.
  • Training from High Level Leaders Who Are Already Successful OnlineFrom in-depth SEO to help you rank on the first pages of Google to Craigslist, Facebook, YouTube, and paid marketing, you have at your fingertips the equivalent of a Masters degree in Internet Marketing.
  • Join a Community of Like-Minded PeopleJim Rohn said it best: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with“. Empower Network has attracted people from all walks of life and different socio-economic statuses all with one vision and one goal and that is to help YOU become successful online too! From LIVE Events, Google Hangouts, Facebook Groups, and much more, Empower Network offers numerous opportunities to connect.

Empower Network

Features of Empower Network


  • Point & Click Blogging System
  • Video Hosting
  • Mobile Audio/Video Broadcasting App
  • Sales Conversion Engine
  • Fast Start Training
  • Monday Evening Mindset Calls

Empower Network

Start Today and Receive These Bonuses! 

Empower Network By joining Empower Network with me today, you will be teaming up with some of the greatest minds in the industry. You will be locking arms with me and the Prosperity Team, where we will be taking you by virtual hand and walking you through the step by step process necessary to achieve success online.

Here Is Everything You Will Get …

Bonus #1 - Weekly Evening Hangouts w/ Leaders Who Are Making Over $10K a Month to Help YOU Close Sales (Men’s Hangout – Wednesday) (Women’s Lounge – Sunday) $997/mo Value

Bonus #2 - Prosperity Team Training Site w/ Step by Step Tutorials Showing You How to Take Your Business to The Next Level $497 Value

Bonus #3 - LIVE & Recorded Prosperity Team Coaching Mastermind (Monday – Friday) $397/mo Value

Bonus #4 - ‘Done for You’ Marketing System w/ Sales Funnel & Swipe Emails to Help You Get Started Quickly & Do All the Selling for You $197/mo Value

Bonus #5 - Daily Action Assignments w/ Accountability Partners $97/mo Value

Bonus #6 - LIVE & Recorded ‘Think & Grow Rich’ Mindset Call (Monday – Friday) $97/mo Value

Bonus #7 - Prosperity Team Facebook Mastermind Group  $Priceless


You deserve to be successful. That’s why you need to join us…

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