Blog Set Up Service

Blog Set Up Service

Juli Becker’s Blog Set Up Service

Welcome to Juli Becker’s Blog Set Up Service!

The first time someone said to me, “Hey, I want a blog just like yours!” I thought, “Wow! That’s pretty cool! Someone likes my blog!” The next time it happened, I created a blog header similar to mine in exchange for the guy buying an affiliate tool that allowed him to capture more leads for his business. Then, when I went through Ray Higdon’s Pro Blog Academy course and met a lot of new bloggers who wanted to learn how to make the kind of money Ray does blogging, and I was asked by someone if I would create his blog for him, I asked Ray what I should do. His immediate response was “Charge ‘em!”.

To tell the truth, I waited a while for the idea to incubate… because I know the work it took to get this blog to where it is today… because I know that…

Setting up a blog can be very time consuming, confusing, and even impossible for someone with little to no experience. However, I also know that blogging is absolutely essential to any Network Marketer who really wants to succeed online.

That is why I am now offering my Blog Setup Service… because, very simply, I want to help more people, like you, succeed online.

So my Blog Set Up Service is for anyone who doesn’t know how to set up a blog, doesn’t have enough time, or simple doesn’t want to do it.

Blog Set Up Service

Here Is What Juli Becker’s Blog Set Up Service Offers:

  • Personal consult with you to discuss what YOU want on your blog.
  • Help you set up (third party) web hosting to make your blog live on the Internet. I prefer Host Gator, but if you want something else, that’s fine. (Don’t worry! It’s not as hard as it sounds!)
  • Configure your RSS feed to be customized and stand out from the crowd.
  • Install the theme you want along with the layout, colors, and design of your choice. I highly recommend Flexibility theme! It’s what mine is, and it’s the one I’m most familiar with.
  • Protect your blog against SPAM for those annoying comments that people are going to leave.
  • Professional looking header.
  • Ensure your blog is Search Engine Optimized with the right plugins to get the most traffic in as little amount of time as possible.
  • Install and configure 28 essential plug-ins, like Facebook and Twitter share buttons, SEO plugins, and other cool plugins to make your blog more interactive.
  • Integrate your Facebook Fan Page, if you have one.
  • Create an opt-in form through Aweber or Get Response. I prefer Aweber, and if you don’t have it, get it! This is so you can generate leads from your blog.
  • Set up the Email Me widget, so your prospects can contact you directly.
  • Contact with you throughout the process to make sure it is what you like.
  • Personal consult after blog is finished to make sure everything is in place, to show you how to use your blog, and give some ideas and blogging tips to help you succeed.
  • Setup custom email address, so you look more professional and don’t have to use gmail or hotmail anymore.
  • I’ll show you what I do to drive traffic to my blog and rank on search engines.

Blog Set Up Service

With my Blog Set Up Service I highly recommend… and I only set up self-hosted WordPress blogs. The reason is because it is the best blogging platform for your business! Google LOVES WordPress blogs. Because of this, your posts rank higher. Plus, you own the blog, so it can’t be taken down.

Here’s How To Get Started With Juli Becker’s Blog Set Up Service:

Before we speak, it is much easier if you already have an idea of what you want. Visit a few blogs, get some ideas on colors, layout, and some other things. Once you get some ideas as to what you want from my Blog Set Up Service, go ahead and make a list.

Once you decide that my Blog Set Up Service is a good fit for you, send me an email through the Email Me widget to the upper right of this post telling me what exactly you are looking for. I’ll look it over and give you a call, if I have any questions. Then all you need to do is make the payment, and I will get to work on setting up your blog.

What Is This Going To Cost Me:

Now, most of the Blog Set Up Services that I’ve seen charge between $500-$1,000…

But you are not going to pay that much for yours.

In fact, not only are you going to get your personalized blog set up by me, as an added bonus, you will receive 30 unique articles written just for you to get started on your Internet Network Marketing venture.

The value of these articles is $99.

And you will get them FREE!

They will be published on your blog, fully optimized for the search engines, and all relating to Internet Network Marketing.

Let’s get in touch, and you’ll have a professional looking blog up in no time!

It usually takes about 3-5 business days from start to finish.

So ACT NOW, and you can start making your own money blogging by next week!

Blog Setup Service $297 

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I’m excited to get your blog up and going!

Let Juli Becker’s Blog Set Up Service work for you!