Handling Objections: 3 Toughest MLM Questions Your Prospects Will Ask

Handling Objections: 3 Toughest MLM Questions Your Prospects Will AskYou get pumped up. You join a home based Network Marketing business. Now, it’s time to get on the phone. You have very limited experience, sponsored no one before or very few people, and have virtually made no or very little money.

In order to become successful in your home Network Marketing business, you will need to become good at handling objections.

So how good are you at handling objections?

The following are the 3 toughest questions your prospects will ask:

  1. How much are you making?
  2. How many people have you recruited?
  3. How much experience do you have?

Answer these the wrong way, and you are done!

So how do you answer the 3 toughest MLM questions your prospects will ask?

Read on…

How To Confidently Answer The 3 Toughest MLM Questions Your Prospects Ask You Even If You Don’t Have Any Results Yet!

Be Comfortable With Yourself:

Forget about the fact that you may not be a great communicator. Forget about your scars, your past, your failures. Who cares that you may walk with a limp? Who cares that you are divorced or are on your fourth marriage? Who cares that you don’t own a car or have never gone to college!?!

Accept yourself as you are!

You are not alone! There are so many people out there who are looking for the answers that only you can provide. Remember, there are thousands upon thousands of people who need you! They need someone who will cut through all the b.s. and stand for them and their success.

Maintain Your Posture:

Be strong. Be confident. Create a culture. Create a movement. Create a powerful presence. Know what your objective is. Stay focused on your goals. If they say ‘no’ to your opportunity, move on!

Detach Yourself From The Outcome:

Whether they join you in your home based Network Marketing business or not, it is for their benefit or demise. Don’t let it affect you. You are going to build this business anyways, with them or without them. That is how your mindset should be structured.

Be Honest:

My morale code is very well defined. I am honest. I recommend you do that as well. Sit down and write your core values – the way you live your life.

Handling Objections #1: How much are you making?

When your prospect asks you how much you are making, and you are not making a whole lot, be honest. But also maintain your frame or posture. Here is one way to respond back:

Well, Mr X, I have only just started this business. I have made some money but not as much as I would like to yet… But let me share something with you here: that is a newbie question because you will be comparing how much I earn to how much you will earn. The reality is you can earn more than me, less than me, or you can even loose your money. It’s all up to you… How much money are you looking to generate on a monthly basis?

Of course, if you have made a lot of money, share that with them. But tell them not to compare because they can outperform you.

Handling Objections #2: How many people have you recruited?

Handling Objections: 3 Toughest MLM Questions Your Prospects Will Ask

What about when your prospect asks you about how many people you have recruited?

Again, be honest.

If you have not recruited anyone yet, you can say something like this:

Well, Mr X, I have just started this business, and you are one of the very first people I wanted to share this opportunity with. The point is I am working with some of the best people in this industry/company – (assuming you are, and if not, you should) – people who have built huge businesses. And they are teaching me how to do this. So I am building this business with you or with out you. I would love to do it with you. How much money are you looking to generate per month?

Again, it is a matter of being honest. Be confident, as well. Add true conviction that you are going to build this business no matter what.

This is just one example of handling objections #2. If you have sponsored 10 people, say that.

Handling Objections #3: How much experience do you have?

As for handling objections #3, again, you want to be honest… there is a theme here, honesty!

Your reply can be:

Well, Mr X, I have only been doing this for 3 weeks. And this is exactly why I have my business partner here on the phone with me. He/She has over 10 years (or whatever the case is) of experience and has helped many people build this business – so I am gonna hand the phone call over to him/her, and he/she can answer all your questions.

Ideally, especially when you are new, when you are following up with your prospects, after they have seen a presentation, you want to do a 3-way call. You should not have to be good at handling objections immediately. But they can still come up, and your prospect might ask you this question directly.

Handling Objections Summary

  • Be honest
  • Maintain your posture
  • Have conviction
  • Be detached of the outcome
  • Finish with a question or hand the phone call to your business partner

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Handling Objections: 3 Toughest MLM Questions Your Prospects Will Ask

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  • Richard Brokenshire

    Hi Juli, Nice site! Hate the pop up! I think most objections boil down to one thing. They prospect wants to know if you can and will be able to help them succeed. All too often people agree to get into an MLM and they receive no help other than the, bug your friends and neighbors. I don’t think that “the blind leading the blind” is a good business plan. But most people don’t have a business plan at all. Maybe that’s why they fail?

  • Bhushan

    Objections are for sometimes good for us because IT make our skills at learn from some goods or bad means what you it makes you perfect by the time.
    great review Juli.

    • Juli

      You’re right, Bhushan! Objections help us learn the skill of negotiation. I find the more ‘no’s’ I get the better I become with handling them the next time. And I never take it personally. It’s more about them than it is about me. They just haven’t fully understood the concept of residual income yet.

      So many people hold tight to their employee mindset that it is difficult to persuade someone that there is a better way to earn an income. Instead of wasting my valuable time to teach the naysayers, I just move on to the next. Hopefully, when the time is right, they will come back and ask for more information. Or I try to keep in touch with a drip email campaign.

      So glad you stopped by to comment,


  • Charles Holmes

    Great post Juli. Objections are a good thing, in my opinion. It just means that you haven’t given the prospect all the information they need to make a decision yet. I’ve always believed in being honest, but having posture and confidence at the same time.



    • Juli

      I agree, Charles. Objections are just a way for someone to express their doubt without them having to outright say, ‘I don’t understand it fully yet’. Great insight.

      Being fully honest allows us to meet the prospect right at their level. It allows us to say, ‘Hey, come with me on this journey. Let’s learn together and follow the leaders in this great company. We can succeed together. And you might even surpass me. If you do, that will be a-ok with me!’

      Posture and confidence allows us to reveal our excitement. I love the thought, ‘You know what? I’m going to do this with or without you. But I’d love to do it with you!’

      What objection have you been faced with and learned to overcome?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting,