Network Marketing & Our Youth (Part 2): Who Is Febisola David Kingdom?

Network Marketing & Our Youth (Part 2): Who Is Febisola David Kingdom?

Tonight, I had the privilege of talking to a real powerhouse in the Internet Marketing industry. A young man who is all of twenty-one years old, who is on fire, not only in My Lead System Pro, Empower Network, and Talk Fusion, but a young man who is not afraid to express his faith in his God. This young man is Fabisola David Kingdom.

Who Is Febisola David Kingdom?

I was first introduced to Febisola David Kingdom, when a colleague of mine in Numis Network endorsed him on Facebook. Intrigued, I searched for him online and found his YouTube page, and boy oh boy, this kid is on FIRE!

Here is just one of his videos:

If that does not intrigue you, I don’t know what will!

Who Is Febisola David Kingdom?

Rememeber, this kid is just 21 years old.

Absolutely amazing, don’t you think?

Such wisdom from such a young man.

In addition to having the privilege of watching Febisola David Kingdom‘s YouTube videos, I recently had the opportunity to talk to Mr Kingdom face to face on Skype.

Mr Kingdom approached me on Facebook after he had accepted my friend request. He then asked for my phone number, so we could talk. When I gave it to him, he called me then asked that I add him to Skype. Of which I did.

Approximately 15 minutes later, he called me and proceeded to be the closer that he claims to be.

His product?

Mostly himself.

And, oh, he has charisma, to be sure.

Febisola David Kingdom has almost preacher-like qualities.

He encourages.

He praises.

He pulls out of you the dreams you hold dear to your heart.

And he makes you believe.

In yourself.

In him.

What was most interesting was that during our conversation, he had no qualms about asking me how much money I had in my bank account, and then he asked me right out to take out my credit card (now) because his time is worth $1600/hr, and he wanted to coach me personally for one week.

And he wanted me to buy this: www.conquer5figure.com

It was tempting to be sure.

He’s magnetic.

“Febisola David Kingdom” is going to be rich because of it.

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  • http://adriennesmith.net Adrienne

    Hi Juli,
    I actually saw him on a MLSP training webinar and he has such wonderful energy about him and I was also blown away at just how young he is.  I love that about him and that he's not afraid to ask for what he wants.  You are most definitely right, he will be filthy rich some day. 
    Glad you had the opportunity to speak with him.  Ah, you can say I knew him when.  :-)


    • http://julibecker.com Juli


      I was thinking that too, when I was talking to him! (Happy dance =))

      I want to go into the back office and see if there are any recordings of him. Would love to study him and learn all I can 'cause he is definitely rising to the top quickly…Amazing how Internet Marketing and MLSP can light a fire in someone's soul like this. It's so inspiring!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  • http://www.multi-level-marketing-website.com Charles Holmes

    I love when young people get involved in this industry.  It's so refreshing.  This guy definitely has his act together.  He'll go far.  Thanks for sharing.

    • http://julibecker.com Juli

      I agree, Chuck. He definitely has the confidence and charisma to affect a lot of people's lives in a positive way. It's inspiring, for sure.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting,


  • http://johnmoussan.com John Moussan

    Sweet! Always good to meet people on F-I-R-E, you always learn something!

    • http://julibecker.com Juli

      So true, John!

  • Chante Epps

    How wonderful of you to share someone elses’ video Juli. This young man surely does have passion for this industry and for life! I have no doubt that it is when you’re helping to make an impact in peoples’ lives that you cannot help but be excited ;)

    Thanks for sharing a great video Juli.

    All the best,

    • http://julibecker.com Juli

      Very true, Chante. His passion and enthusiasm is so infectious that I couldn’t help but share.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • http://valheisey.com Val Heisey

    Wow Juli, I also friended him and he asked me if I wanted him to help me get rich. I did not respond to that PM, but I have watched several of his videos. I didn’t know he has done 142 so far. I like that. I’m going to start doing more too! Thanks!

    • http://julibecker.com Juli


      I am so intrigued by his methods and focus that I am wondering how I can implement a little of what he does. Like you, I’ve come to realize that I need to start doing more videos!

      Always learning, always searching for ways to improve,

  • http://christijohnson.org Christi Johnson

    I absolutely LOVE this video…and this young man is going to make a HUGE impact for both the Kingdom of God and for the industry. What’s funny is that I spend a lot of time thinking about what I am going to do, but I don’t always have the time to get it done.

    Well…no more. I am going to get my videos done this week. These are powerful.

    WOW…AWESOME share…and guess what? I am sharing too. He is absolutely going to go viral in the home business owner space. Love this!!

    • http://julibecker.com Juli


      This kid is amazing. If you get a chance, look him up on YouTube. So far he has made 142 videos. What is most intriguing is that he names the majority of them Wisdom Keys. I have been watching them on and off for the last 48 hrs. Will probably watch them all a couple times they’re so good.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting,