Why Empower Network If You Already Have A Blog?

Why Empower Network Blog If You Already Have A Blog?

Here is a question that I have been getting from some individuals on my list who have taken a quick look at the Empower Network.

“Why do I need the Empower Network, if I currently maintain a blog?”

I understand this is a common concern, especially if you already spend a lot of time posting daily and promoting your own personally branded blog. Blogging to many can be very time consuming…

So my response to this valid question is undoubtedly both YES and NO!

“What?” you might now be wondering.

Let me explain.

If you really want to promote the Empower Network and get the full monetary benefit this viral blogging platform provides, then you will want to purchase all of the products that they offer in order to get paid on them. So if you want to get paid, then the answer is a resounding YES!

Why Empower Network If You Already Have A Blog?

Keep in mind, you don’t have to use the high authority Empower Network blog that comes with the basic Empower Network system to make money. You can simply redirect prospects from your own blog to the capture page that is made available with the system.

The system is really for people wanting to generate leads for any business, who do not want to go through the painstaking task of setting up a blog and getting content ranked.

Empower Network Is Hosted On An Authority Site

This means that Google will rank content on your “Empower Network blog” faster because it is about 9 years old with a PR of 2. The “authority” of the site is what helps the pages rank quicker than on a brand new domain.

Another benefit is that there are going to be hundreds of people posting daily on their own Empower Network blog site. With every page that people add to the Empower Network blog, it adds more authority to the whole site. This is the reason sites like Amazon and YouTube rank so quickly. It’s because there are hundreds of thousands of pages on the same domain. Each page adds authority.

How To Use Empower Network’s Blog Authority To Increase Authority To Your Own Blog

The Empower Network Compensation Plan is so powerful that I would recommend joining the system whether or not you plan to use the Empower Network viral blogging platform.

Why Empower Network If You Already Have A Blog?

With that being said, here is a beneficial way to utilize the system, even if you currently have a blog.

Initially, you will need to create a distinctive piece of content to your personal blog. Do exactly what you do for SEO purposes. Then simply spin your article content using The Best Spinner Software. You can spin your blog posts manually, but why would you waste your time, if you could easily do it in 5 seconds with the Best Spinner?

With your newly spun article posted on your Empower Network blog, you can then link this back to your own domain. Since the Empower Network blog is an authority site and hosted on a different IP address, you now have a high authority contextual backlink to your blog from a highly ranked domain! You can benefit from this particular strategy with all your content.

In my opinion, acquiring multiple backlinks to your personal blog with only 5 more minutes of effort is worth it! Wouldn’t you agree?


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