How I Got 10 Leads and One EN Sign Up Using Craigslist


How I Got 10 Leads and One EN Sign Up Using CraigslistWhen you become an internet marketer, one of the first things you will discover is that the more eyeballs you can get to your offer the faster your success will be. This is why I have become a student of traffic generating strategies.

Today I am going to reveal to you the exact process I’ve used to get 10 leads and one sign up for my Empower Network business. These strategies have been learned through several Craigslist courses I have purchased, yet today I am going to give my knowledge to you for FREE!

Watch the following videos to see how I got 10 leads and one sign up after posting a few ads on Craigslist.

How I Got 10 Leads and One EN Sign Up Using CL

How I Got 10 Leads and One EN Sign Up Using Craigslist

How I Got 10 Leads and One EN Sign Up Using Craigslist

Craigslist Ads Series (Video 1) – Setting Up Autoresponder & Lead Capture Page

In the above video I show how quickly and easily you can create a new email campaign specifically for your CL autoresponder series plus the simple to use lead capture pages that are professionally designed and proven to be high converting.

Tools in this video:

1) Pure Leverage

2) Simple2Advertise

Craigslist Ads Series (Video 2) – Creating Picture Ad

In this video I reveal how ‘stupid simple’ it is to find images to use in your ads and how to add text to your images with a clear call to action.

Tools in this video (all Free!):

1) Jing

2) Google Images

3) Pic Monkey

Craigslist Ads Series (Video 3) – Ad Tracking

In this video I illustrate how to create an HTML code for your images to make them clickable and how to track each image per ad view and click thru.

Tools in this video:

1) Craigslist Ad Tracker

Craigslist Ads Series (Video 4) – Posting In Areas Not Local To You

In this video I demonstrate the importance of clearing your cookies before you posts each new ad and how to create a new IP address, if you are going to be posting ads outside your local area.

Tools in this video:

1) CCleaner (download FREE version here)

2) Hide My A**!

Craigslist Ads Series (Video 5) – Posting To Craigslist

In this final video I show you how simple it is to post your first ad without even logging into your CL account.

Tools in this video (FREE!):

1) Google Mail

2) Craigslist

It is my honest belief that what you have learned in this Video Series showing How I Got 10 Leads and One EN Sign Up Using Craigslist will set you on the path for great success in building any business online. If you are ready to dig in and get to work, then Craigslist is a treasure trove of potential leads just waiting for YOU!


How To Build A Relationship With Your List These Unique Ways

Build A Relationship With Your List

Looking for unique ways to build a relationship with your list? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this post I will reveal five unique ways to build a relationship with your list, giving you strategies that you can implement throughout the next few weeks. This will allow you to build a long lasting relationship with your list, so your subscribers will eagerly open your email and BUY FROM YOU.

But, first, let’s discuss WHY you would want to “build a relationship with your list”.

First of all, the people who have opted into your list think that YOU have something of value to offer them. Keep that in mind. They are looking for answers to their most pressing problems. And they think you have those answers. This is the main reason you want to build a relationship with your list. You are going to be establishing yourself as the go-to person for all their needs.

Second, these same people have probably added their name and email into hundreds of other lists, so they’re hoping that YOU have something ‘different’ – something that will make their life better, easier, more fulfilled… another reason to build a relationship with your list.

Finally, after the desparate, crazy look in their eyes has worn off, and the light of the morning has broken through their ‘optin happy’ madness, YOU don’t want to be that email that nonchalantly ends up in their spam folder. Can you see the reasons you want to build a relationship with your list?

How To Build A Relationship With Your List These Unique Ways

1) Give Them Stuff

a) Books/CD’s/Tapes – This is a good way to clean off your bookshelf to make more room for newer educational material.

Tell them: “I want to share with you a book/cd/tape that has had a positive impact on my life, so to the first person who responds, I will send XXX. Just send me your email. I will pay for shipping.”

Build A Relationship With Your List 5 Unique Waysb) Your Mistakes – Many who are new to Network Marketing only see your current results. They may be shy or hesitant about whether or not they can do what you do. By sharing your mistakes, you become real, authentic, and relational with them. This encourages them to keep going, to push past their own mistakes. This also solidifies their connection with you.

Tell them: “Before I reached my six figure status, I was struggling just like you. In fact, … “

c) Free Ustream Q&A Session: Don’t be afraid of low numbers. The main purpose of the Q&A will be for you to get ideas for new content, products you will create, etc.

d) Free One-on-One Coaching Sessions – This is NOT a presentation session, where you present your business opportunity. Your main focus should be on mentoring – mentoring them to be a better marketer, a better closer, a better …

e) Free 15 Minute Webinar – If you have 15 people on your list, you should be doing webinars.

1) Product Demonstration – This could be done with Power Point slides or a recorded Live demonstration.

2) Benefits of Company – Pay Plan, etc (Keep this separate from the product demonstration webinar.)

f) Free Ticket to a Live Event – Live events solidify relationships. If you can’t afford to give away a ticket, then give away a gift certificate to a restaurant nearby.

g) 3-Way Calling – Many Newbies to Network Marketing need the mentorship that only YOU can provide.

Tell them: “After [prospect] has watched ABC, I will personally assist you in closing.”

2) Show and Tell

a) Generic Insight: Add value by sharing a small insight into what you just learned. This doesn’t have to be a full blown product launch. Just something new you just learned.

“How to….”

b) Email: Emailing your list is a two-way street. Share your experiences with everyone on your list.

Examples: Make a video admitting you just got a nasty unsubscribe. Send out a question you got from a subscriber and what your answer was. More often than not, people may have the same question(s), they just never ask.

c) Team Communication: Every once in a while, communicate with your whole list as if they were already on your team. This takes the resistence and uncertainty out of the relationship.

d) Pay-per-Click: If you are doing any Pay-per-Click campaigns, like Facebook PPC, then show the exact ad, your target market, and your results. If you’ve made money, attempt to interview via video the person who bought from you, and share that with your list.

e) Commission: Trace back all the way to the first point of contact, write about it, and video interview the person, if possible

Build A Relationship With Your List 5 Unique Ways3) Use ‘What Works for Me’ Examples

a) Energy: ”Here’s what I do to get the results I get…”

Examples: Books I read. Meditation habits. Music I listen to to get into the right mindset.

b) Marriage (or being Single): This is one of the best ways to connect with people on your list. Share tidbits from conversations with those who are closest to you – your struggles, accomplishments, etc. – all with the intention of making yourself more real, human. People will relate to you because you are more human, authentic.

4) Surveys

Your greatest value to your list is offering solutions to their problems, so ask your list what their problems and challenges are. Then solve those problems. It will give you ideas for blog posts, videos, future emails, etc. It will give you direction.

5) Be Consistent and With Time You Will Build a Strong Relationship With Your List!

a) Mail, Mail, Mail – at least 2x a week, preferably 5 days a week. The worst thing you can do to your list is fall off the face of the earth. Like any healthy relationship, it takes consistent contact.

b) Become Like Gravity to Your People – Draw people in by sharing pictures and videos, when appropriate. If your email autoresponder allows for a colored header, use it.

c) Become As Familiar As An Old Friend/Trusted Advisor – This is when people start seeing you as their main source of information. This is when people will BUY FROM YOU and become your business partners.

These five unique ways to build a relationship with your list can take time, but you can implement at least one strategy today. Believe me, it is well worth it.

Don’t have a list yet?

Click the picture to learn how I’ve built mine.

Build A Relationship With Your List 5 Unique Ways