How to Sell Without Selling by Vick Strizheus


How to Sell Without Selling by Vick StrizheusI can’t get enough of Vick Strizheus it seems. I study his trainings every chance I get. (You can read my other posts about Vick here)

In this video “How To Sell Without Selling“, Vick shares a little about where he came from to where he now is…

The most poignant part for me is when he says he was once a ‘bill collector’. When Vick said this it dawned on me that he once did what I now do. For Vick, it was in the banking industry. For me, it’s in the student loan industry. (Comment below if you can relate to where Vick came from)

What is most awe inspiring to those of us who know Vick Strizheus is that he now earns more than a million dollars per month online with his Big Idea Mastermind training platform that ties in with Empower Network.

If you want to learn key strategies that will make your online business successful, watch the following video.

How to Sell Without Selling by Vick Strizheus

How Do We Get People to Buy More of Our ‘Stuff’

These methods explained in How To Sell Without Selling are proven by Vick and others who are successful in the industry.

Vick says this will work for anyone…no matter who we are, where we live, regardless of skin color, and how many times we have failed in the past. And when we apply some of these strategies, our life, our business, our income will never be the same!

Advanced Sales and Conversion Strategies

How to Sell Without Selling and Engineer $10K/Mo…

In order to succeed in business (and in life) we must…

1) Get crystal clear on our outcome
2) Have a plan
3) Surround ourselves with winners
4) Work hard
5) Commit to reaching our goal NO MATTER WHAT

The 3 Big Lessons

1) In Order for Our Incomes to Grow, We Must Grow

30/30/30 Principle

In 3-5 years we will be like the books we read, the people we listen to, and the people we hang out with. In order for us to achieve results faster than 3-5 years, we must learn the principles of “Compressing Times Frames”

i) Read 30 minutes per day (Examples: ‘Psycho-Cybernetics’ ‘How To Win Friends and Influence People’ ‘The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’ by T Harv Ecker)

ii) Read those books for 30 days straight

iii) Listen to personal development audio for 30 minutes per day (Examples: Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Les Brown)

90% of marketing is YOU/ME/US

2) Separate Ourselves from the “Competition”

Run our business a little bit differently than the competition by building relationships. Don’t look at our list as numbers. Those on our list are real people. They are looking to us to be a friend and trusted adviser.

Share what we do with our list. Build on small successes.

Go to Craigslist, Free Classifieds, Traffic Exchanges, Safelists

Create custom landing page with different hook

Focus on how to get people to our landing page

Then record a video of proof of results

I just got 20 opt ins in one hour. I will teach you how to do that for free.

Do not sell anything on video.

As following grows, launch coaching program freely sharing with subscribers how we are getting our results ($67/mo = $20,000/mo)

How One Idea Can Change Everything for You…

Directory of Ezines 2.0 by Charlie Page ($197/mo) Become an affiliate ($90/sale). Do not push product. Slap together quick landing page with hook. Teach people how to make money on the internet.

Think: How do I stand out from the competition? How do I sell without selling?

Think outside the box. (Do something for free. Example: mini-course)

Record screen Camtasia video.

Hook is not Directory of Ezines. The hook is ‘how to make money on the internet’.

Don’t sell products. Sell outcomes.

How to Sell Without Selling by Vick Strizheus

Show people how to do something.

Step 1 – Quick Setup (Go to ClickBank)

Step 2 – Pick a Product

Step 3 – Cash In… (How to tap into other people’s lists – Solo Ads – How to find them manually)

Step 4 – Here’s My Super Secret Ninja Tool (Directory of Ezines affiliate link)

How to Sell Without Selling by Vick Strizheus

 Vick’s very first month income shot to $30,000

Money Making Formula

1) Something to Sell (Vehicle)

2) A Way of Selling It (System)

3) Get Traffic to Our System – Not Our Product/Vehicle (Traffic)

3) Operate with a Crystal Clear Intention for Our Business

Study Steve Jobs

Read Simon Sinek’s ‘Start with Why’

Adversity will be our best story ever

Study Donald Trump

2 Components In Selling…

1) Mental State 

What’s Our Reason Why? We must be convinced our product will give more value than the money we paid for it.

If we are going to sell something, do we have moral authority? Do we believe our product is truly going to help someone? What’s our bigger vision?

2) System

a) Lead Capture Page

b) Our Method of “Selling” (Pushy marketer or trusted adviser?)

c) Communicate with Our List (help them get successful outcome)

d) What Is Our strategy for ‘Out Cooling’ Our Competition?

i) learn

ii) implement

iii) share

e) Do We Have a Central Hub?

f) Can Our System Be Automated?

Throughout this How To Sell Without Selling video, Vick shows proof of his results along with the Automated System he has built, Big Idea Mastermind. I wish I was a part of this system, but I am not. Nonetheless, the value I gain (and I hope you have gained) from this free information is tremendous.



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