How Robert Kiyosaki Helped Me Become A Better Network Marketer


How Robert Kiyosaki Helped Me Become A Better Network Marketer

I have SO MUCH to do right now, but I’m paralyzed from moving forward because I have this burning desire to share with you the lessons I learned only a few short hours ago from a financial literacy seminar I attended given by a Robert Kiyosaki team of coaches. This seminar helped me become a better Network Marketer of all things.

The seminar centered around two of Mr Kiyosaki’s best selling books:

1) Rich Dad Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That The Poor And Middle Class Do Not!
2) Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom.

If you have not read these books yet, I encourage you to do so as soon as you are able. They are a MUST for every entrepreneur.

How Robert Kiyosaki Helped Me Become A Better Network Marketer

So as I entered the large conference room where the presentation was going to be held, three good looking men greeted me with my first FREE gift – a CD with a personal message from Mr Kiyosaki himself. As I waited for the rest of the 100+ guests to arrive, I and the other early attendees watched a video on a large screen of Robert and his team as they shared the importance of TRUE financial education. As I watched the video, I thought to myself: how can I use what I learn here today to become a better Network Marketer?

Can you already pick up on the theme how Robert Kiyosaki helped me become a better Network Marketer?

The following short video is just a snippet of what we watched. The content is invaluable, so be sure to listen carefully and learn ALL YOU CAN.

Now, the premise of the seminar centered around investing in real estate, so naturally the main speaker focused on wholesaling houses, investing in rental properties, and how to get hard money lenders to fund your deals. That is not the main focus of this post, however. This post is how Robert Kiyosaki helped me become a better Network Marketer.

What I want to focus on here, and what I have a burning desire to share with you, is the methodical way in which the seminar was set up. To clarify what I mean: at certain points throughout the presentation, after valuable content was given, another FREE gift was offered.

For example, about 30 minutes in, a workbook valued at $200 written exclusively for Robert Kiyosaki real estate investors was offered to those who wanted it. As we all raised our hands, some faster than others, and the speaker asked a second time who wanted it, two very ingenious people walked up to the front of the room and grabbed the workbook out of the speaker’s hand.

The point of demonstration?

Those who TAKE ACTION get the prize. Let me say that again.

Those who TAKE ACTION get the prize.

Do You Want to Become a Better Network Marketer?

So let me ask you. If you were given the opportunity to get a FREE gift by just getting up and walking to the front of a room filled with 100+ strangers, would you take it?

How Robert Kiyosaki Helped Me Become A Better Network Marketer

Would you get over your fear of being in front of  a group of people that you had never met to obtain a content rich prize that was yours for the taking just waiting for you to TAKE IT?

I bet I know what some of you are thinking. Some of you are thinking: it depends on what it is. Others are thinking: it depends on how close I am to the front of the room. And still others are thinking: I’d have to know more about what I was getting first. And that’s OK – because not all of you are quick action takers. Some are fence sitters. Some need the full story before taking action. And still others are just too scared. So for those of you who are like what I’ve just described, I will address your ‘excuses’ in another post.

BUT for those of you who are notorious for taking decisive action quickly, I want to present you with your own FREE gift RIGHT NOW. If you would like gain access to a FREE seminar given by one of the GREATS in Network Marketing, take action RIGHT NOW by clicking on the link below.

By doing so you will gain access to information that everybody NEEDS TO HEAR, but not everybody will have the foresight to take the action that’s needed. Don’t be one of those people.

Click on the link RIGHT NOW. You’ll be glad you did. =)

Hint: it will help you become a better Network Marketer.

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  • Preston Schumacher

    Awesome post. Wish I could have been there. Attending live events is key aspect of reaching the next level in your business.

    • Juli

      There is so much to learn from live events. Highly recommended.

  • Terry Petrovick

    Robert K is an great wealth teacher.  I had my his read some of his books early on and they have become very entrepreneurial adults.  Awesome stuff!
    Thanks for sharing

    • Juli

      Yes, Terry, he is! I hope someday they will start teaching his financial literacy courses in the public schools. I think we all need to become entrepreneurially minded! Thanks for commenting, Juli

  • Val Heisey

    I think Robert Kiyosaki is da bomb! I love his books. I haven't read his lastest one though on the Business of he 21st Century, but I plan to soon. Nice post Juli!

    • Juli

      Thanks, Val!

  • Lilach Bullock

    Juli, I bet you had an amazing inspirational day, it's certainly shining through in your blog post:)
    I completely agree, those that take action wil win.  In business you can't afford to be the one at the back.  
    I've run 100's of workshops myself and am always curious to see who sits at the front… 

    • Juli

      I would love to do my own workshops, like you, Lilach. Interestingly, every time I go to one, I envision myself being the one in front speaking. :)

  • Brandi Roberts

    Great post Juli, and your blog is looking great!

    • Juli

      Thanks, Brandi! Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

  • Joe Sandy

    RK is a machine!  I love him.  This is a powerful video.  I have learned tons from him. Thanks for sharing!  Never wait; take action now!

    • Juli

      Agreed! RK is changing the world. Love him too!

  • Darren Spruyt

    Haha.. I love that! I once attended a seminar where the exact same thing happened except the speaker was giving money away.. like a $50 bill or something and whoever went up first got it. Naturally a few people rushed to the front to grab the money. The more revealing part was that more than 90% of the crowd (including myself) just sat there and went "What happened?" or just didn't do anything. That's where most people are.
    Way to go! ;) Thanks for sharing Juli! :D It's always a good reminder about how rewarding taking action can be, even if we are not the first – because most people never end up doing anything. :)

    • Juli

      Funny thing. I just sat there too – and watched…It was a valuable lesson for me! Since then, I’ve learned to take action every chance I get. Powerful stuff. Thanks for adding your two cents and keeping the conversation going! Good, good! =)

  • Rob Simson

    I love the way you "Took Action" and shared this great insight. Thanks!

    • Juli

      You’re welcome, Rob. =)