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Hi! I'm Juli. I'm a confessed junkaholic.

I created this blog to satisfy my cravings for all things junk.

Welcome to my junkyard.

~Come On In!~

(No NeED tO WiPe YoUR FeET… UnLeSs YoU’Re GoNNa STaY aWhiLe)

SeE WHaT’s NeW…


tHe WiTcH oF PoRToBeLLo BooK ReVieW


It all started in a bar. After my divorce. After I had proven my sister right when she claimed I was delusional for thinking I could run a successful gift shop. After I had burned through all my settlement money to establish a real estate business. While I was grinding away in a modern day…


DREam wHeN YOu’Re FeeLiNg BluE BooK ReVieW


As a young girl I vividly remember hearing my mom and her sisters speak of their quiet, unassuming father with awe and reverence. Of the three ships that went out to sea during WWII his was the only one that had returned safely. “And thank God,” they said, “because he didn’t even know how to swim!”…


GRaCE aNd LaCE oN SHaRk TaNk


You hear stories about it these days, and it seems so simple and too good to be true. Someone puts up a quick Facebook page and shares pictures of their products, and people ask how can they get that? Or someone is walking down the street with a cool pair of boot socks, and people…

LeT’s ExPLoRe…

FEaTuReD JuNkeRs
FEaTuReD JuNkeRs

The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.

Vince Lombardi